Why School Counselors Matter

The Education Trust Article

Posted Feb 1, 2019 by Letisha Marrero

What really makes a student college ready?

This article describes how checklists are not the only things to consider when looking to see if your child is ready for college.

College Readiness Checklist Fails to Make the Grade

Huffington Post Article

Patrick OConnor, Contributor


Counselor Overload

This is an article that highlights the struggles of overloaded schedules of school counselors.

NPR article on "staying afloat" as a school counselor

CLARE LOMBARDO February 26, 2018 

Too much technology? 

This article shows research related to how too much technology can affect a student's  grades, behavior, and family. 

How much screen time is healthy for children?

By Simon Jary | 23 Feb 2018