Favorite Websites:



This website has all information you need from how to protect yourself online, limiting screen time, finding media balance, and cyber-bullying.

This website also has great lessons that can be used by school teachers and counselors to teach online safety and cyberbully prevention. 

Need help monitoring your child's phone or tablet time? Check these out!

Consumer Advocate: 10 Best Parental Control Apps

All about MSpy!

MSpy is a device parents can use to monitor their children's social media, even Snapchat. It looks super expensive, but possible worth the investment to some parents.

MSpy Review

MSpy: Snapchat Tracking/Monitoring

Bullying Information

Information and lessons on bullying and prevention strategies. Includes great lessons!



Behavior Information/Resources

College/Career Information

Virginia Career View

This is a wonderful site with many activities to educate elementary and middle school students and parents on career awareness. It's never too early to start!

UConn Career Info


Great website to assist students going to college with selecting majors/careers to pursue.

How To Get Your Teen College Ready

Parent Toolkit: Amy Baldwin , May 14, 2018

Great website with advice to help prepare your child both academically and personally for college.

3 Parenting Tips For Sending Your Child To College

Huffington Post Article

Contributor, Dr. Vanita Braver Aug 19, 2016